FREE Video Training Series: The Secrets To Building A Powerful Business Plan & Successfully Pitching Funders For Money

I’ve come across many business owners who know that extra funding will help their business get to the next level and provide certainty, but are in the dark about the right way to going about doing this.

In a survey I did with 2,500 business owners, I learnt that there were two fundamental areas where most business owners struggled:

  1. not knowing where to start in the first place
  2. not knowing how to deal with the financials

But the fact of the matter is that funding for businesses is in a healthy state right now. Even though banks haven’t opened up as strongly as pre-2008, businesses are getting funding. Venture capital and private equity are also keen to deploy capital to make up for a period where they were keeping their powder dry. And you only need to add to this the fact that numerous government initiatives for grant funding, and the explosion of crowdfunding, to understand that the issue is not with the supply side.

Consequently, businesses are missing out on funding.

To help businesses redress this balance, I have created a free training series to deal with some of the concerns that surfaced from my survey.

Visit The Smart Business Plan Academy to get access to the free training series.

Video 1 gives you my free financial model template that I use with clients. In the video, I also go through a worked example explaining how to use this model for your business.

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