FREE Video Training Series: The Secrets To Building A Powerful Business Plan & Successfully Pitching Funders For Money

I’ve come across many business owners who know that extra funding will help their business get to the next level and provide certainty, but are in the dark about the right way to going about doing this. In a survey I did with 2,500 business owners, I learnt that there were two fundamental areas where most Read More …

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A Proven System To Help You Build A Powerful Business Plan & Raise Funding For Your Business

Business plans are an essential part of the fundraising process. Funders, (debt and equity) require a business plan in order to assess your business so they can decide on whether or not they write you a cheque. But many entrepreneurs struggle with writing business plans. You may well be in the same boat. Fears and frustrations entrepreneurs Read More …

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selling your business
What Do You Want To Know About Selling Your Business?

One of the questions I get asked the most by business owners is what they need to do to ensure they can successfully sell their company when the time is right. Although many entrepreneurs ask me this question when they are preparing for sale, many others ask well in advance of any potential sale process. Read More …

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stalled car
How Early Planning Can Prevent Your Exit Process From Stalling

The failure rate of deals where small businesses are looking to sell or raise external investment is higher than needs be. Processes typically fall over due to the potential purchaser (trade or financial) losing interest, which stalls the entire process. Given that the macro-economy is conducive to M&A activity right now, the main reason for Read More …

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Welcome to the SkyPanther Capital blog. Topics of interest to business owners will be routinely published here with the aim of giving you insight and guidance on how to develop your business in the way you want. If there are any specific posts you would like to see regarding, funding, growing, our exiting your business Read More …

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