A Proven System To Help You Build A Powerful Business Plan & Raise Funding For Your Business

Business plans are an essential part of the fundraising process. Funders, (debt and equity) require a business plan in order to assess your business so they can decide on whether or not they write you a cheque.

But many entrepreneurs struggle with writing business plans. You may well be in the same boat. Fears and frustrations entrepreneurs typically have include:

  1. not knowing how or where to start
  2. not knowing what you need to include
  3. not knowing how to construct a financials section
  4. having a fear about if your business plan makes sense
  5. trying to build the business plan and run your business at the same time; how do you put your time to best use?

Despite these very understandable fears, creating a business plan should actually be a very straightforward process for business owners. You see the problem many entrepreneurs have is they get caught up in following a defined structure that is taught and written about in business literature. However, to create a powerful business plan, that demonstrates your authority, and which you can create in a reasonable period of time, you need to put a framework around your plan, and ask the most relevant questions of your business to build the business plan.

This is exactly the system I have been using with my business clients over the years with great success. In the process, I’ve helped raise millions in funding from banks and investors to help the businesses grow and succeed.

In fact, this is what one business had to say:

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